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Bonvera: A Simple Choice

Bonvera: A Simple Choice

When it comes to purchasing your household and personal essentials, choices of where to shop abound. Companies like Walmart, Amazon, Jet, Costco, Kroger, Target, Publix, etc. litter the brick & mortar and e-commerce landscape. With what seems like a crowded and saturated market, why would a new company like Bonvera dare enter the field? Because they believe they have a better way.

This post will be the first part to a two part series. This post will describe the basics of what separates Bonvera from the stores mentioned above. The second post will explore how they’re able to pull it off. Make sure to follow this blog so you don’t miss the second part.

There are basically two types of stores available to shop through:

Store 1
You have a range of options every time you choose to buy your essentials (food, beverage, household goods, personal care items, etc). Store 1 could be one of the stores listed above. You typically can find the items you’re looking for at a decent/competitive price. Because you’re used to it, you do it month-in and month-out. If you’re like the vast majority of people, a brick-and-mortar store is where you find yourself buying the types of items listed above.

What kind of loyalty programs do these companies use? Maybe some sort of point system for cheaper fuel? Some of the options I listed even make you PAY for your loyalty (Costco, Sam’s Club, Amazon Prime, etc.). Overall, the only loyalty program most brick-and-mortars use is a simple “Thank You For Shopping With Us.” What’s crazy is that many don’t even say it to you anymore; they just print it on the bottom of the receipt!

At the end of the day, you’re satisfied because the options that exist currently are all roughly the same. Stuff you want and need, at reasonable prices.

Store 2
Store 2 is Bonvera. You may have heard about it through a friend or on social media. It’s a new online store that is launching very soon. However, Bonvera has a different plan and sets itself apart from the other stores you’re familiar with.

Here’s the scenario: Instead of shopping with Store 1 next month, you decide to shop with Bonvera. With Bonvera, you find many of the same brands you already buy from Store 1 at the same competitive prices, shipped to your door. In addition to brands you already know and trust, Bonvera will also have its own store brand goods (kinda like costco has Kirkland and Walmart has Great Value). So far, so good.

What separates Bonvera from other e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores is its loyalty program, which is FAR more than a traditional program. Bonvera basically has two loyalty programs.

The first Bonvera loyalty program is simply for those that want to save money on stuff they’re already buying. This one is similar to a Costco/Sam’s Club setup. You can sign-up to be a Bonvera Smart-Shopper. A $19.95/yr membership that allows the shopper to purchase products at wholesale prices (up to 20% off depending on the brand and product). However, Bonvera created an option so you don’t have to pay the membership fee. If you sign-up as a Smart Shopper and set up a recurring order, the $19.95 is completely waived!

The second loyalty program is what truly separates Bonvera from any other consumer goods store, whether online or brick-and-mortar. Bonvera understands the power of the consumer and their word-of-mouth recommendations, so they created a program where if you share the good word about Bonvera with someone and they decide to shop with Bonvera, the person that made the recommendation will get a share of profit on the product sales they helped bring to the store — FOREVER! This isn’t just a referral kickback like Groupon did when it went viral. Bonvera has created a system where if you recommend a person to shop for the same stuff they’re already buying at the same prices they’re used to, but through Bonvera instead of Store 1, you will get a share of the profit from the items purchased every time an order is placed by that person!

To put it simply, if you help grow the company’s marketshare, they’re going to pass a huge portion of that profit back to you for doing it! The same products you already buy from Store 1, from the same brands, at competitive prices, shipped to your door. Recommend it to others and share in the profit!

The question is simply this — if you’re going to spend the money on your essentials anyway, would you rather get it at wholesale and if you choose, share in the profit for recommending it to others though Bonvera OR just keep giving it to the mega-corporations (Store 1)?

Bonvera of course! Everyone says that!

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